Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lake Powell

rainbow bridge
the hike where the boat got wedged and we had to jump off and swim

the boat

the moon as the sun sets on the mountains

riding in the boat

hangin' out in the shade

mountain sheep!

ashton with our tent

ashton and i went to lake powell for the first time this weekend. it was so fun! we went with our friends brian, mike, megan, brielle, louis, and bonnie. we docked the boat on the beach and spent 3 nights and four days camping there. the first night was really hot, the second night there was a storm and we experienced the joys of a collapsing tent in the wind. awaking with a tent pole slapping you in the head is never fun :) but the last night was perfect. we went on a hike up a canyon that we had to drive the boat up until it became so narrow that we had to wedge it between the 2 canyon walls, then jump off and swim the rest of the way. it was really pretty! but we did have to jump in and swim through water with dead things floating in it.... and some water that was completely black and nasty. at the start i was wearing white shorts and by the end there were grey :P it was a little freaky, but way cool! i can't wait to do it again next year.