Thursday, December 31, 2009

2 great years

HAPPY TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO ME AND ASHTON!!! i always say this... but how did i get so lucky??? here's to 60 more happy years!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


christmas was so fun this year with a baby! with both of our families living here we do a lot of running around. on christmas eve we go to the wittwer family christmas eve at my grandparents' house. then christmas morning we started off opening our own little family presents to each other, then we went upstairs to open presents with all of ashton's family. after that we went to my grandparents to have our annual christmas breakfast. then we opened presents with my family. after that we rushed back to ashton's parents' for lunch. then we had to rush back to my parent's house for the norcross family christmas dinner. we had three huge meals within 5 hours. yikes! so much fun! i love christmas and i am sad it's over, but on to 2010!! let's get january out of the way to move on to funner months please :) hope everyone had a great christmas! at the end i added a picture of me and my friends at dinner on wed. love you girls!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

photography blog

ok so i know everyone and their dog are trying to do a photography business, so right now ashton and i are doing it for fun! check out our blog and let us know if you want some FREE pictures!!! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

one crazy year

THE BEST PART OF 2009!!!!! see picture above
i can't believe that it was one year ago today that i swapped chromosomes with ashton (yes i know the exact day and time) but i didn't find out until january 6 :) it has been an amazing/crazy/scary/exciting year. let me tell you it was scary being pregnant and having your husband run out of work a month after you find out, and then me only having a job that pays 9.45$/hr blah! but we pulled through and we have a beautiful little baby girl, and STILL have a bit of money left. oh the blessings of paying your tithing! we never even had to touch my lifetime savings account. i have no idea how we did it, but i am so happy! i may not be rich, but i get to stay home with my little girl, which is the best and rewarding job in the world! i have an awesome husband who works so hard for our little family! i really know that money isn't what makes you happy all you need is love! haha so cheesy, but could not be more true! anyway i just thought i needed to make a post since it was a year ago since i got pregnant. i thought graduating college made me feel cool, which i also did a year ago because i got pregnant the day i graduated, but being a mommy???? that was way more cool! i am so greatful for my inlaws for letting us live in their basement. i know they probably don't like it at times, but they would never complain and if they didn't let us live here i have no clue where we would be right now. i am also thankful for my parents, i know they would do anything in the world for us. and i am thankful for my challenges that i've had this year, they only make ya stronger. it's been a great year! i hope 2010 is just as fun and crazy! (but hopefully doesn't involve me being pregnant hahahhaa) bring it on

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

vote for sophie!!

go here and vote for sophie pretty please!!
I just entered my child in the "Parenting - Baby and Child Model Search contest" and we need your vote to help us win!
You can view my entry and vote for me here: and wish me luck!

Monday, December 14, 2009


we just had the best weekend ever. you really still can have fun when you have kids!! we went to vegas saturday night because eric was singing for a christmas party down there and ashton was helping with it. we got to stay at caesar's palace saturday night. the rooms were awesome! we are not used to classy stuff :) there was a two person jacuzzi, which was awesome! then the next day we did some christmas shopping, i had to go to my favorite little baby clothes store. aren't little girls so fun?! then on sunday night we stayed at the excaliber since rooms were only 28$ a night. quite a downgrade from caesers i must say! then we also got to go see cori's new house and her cute pregnant self. so fun! we also go to go see ashton's old mission companion and his family. it was such a fun weekend and having sophie with us made it even more fun. she loved the bright lights of vegas! and to top it off we won enough money to cover the expenses for the whole trip! ;) nice! sorry i dont' have any pictures we are having camera issues. boo

Friday, December 11, 2009

sweet dreams

sophie has slept in her cradle next to our bed in our room with us since she was born. so after three nights of sophie tossing and turning and waking up every two hours (blah) i figured out that every time ashton and i moved or coughed or snored (ashton) in the night she would wake up. i think because her cradle is so close to our bed. so i finally had to be a big girl and let her sleep in her own crib. i did a trial run the other night and just put her cradle right outside our door. it went ok, but last night i put her clear in her own room in the crib all by herself. then i turned up the baby moniter as loud as it would go. i could even hear her breathing!! hahahaha (to future mommies in my opinion a baby moniter is a must have! i got the cheapest one from target only $30 and totally worth it!) well much to my surprise she slept until six in the morning! wow! too bad for me, i didn't take advantage of this, and i was up checking on her about a total of 15 times through thenight! but now that i know she isn't going to die in there, i think i will sleep like a champ tonight, that is if her sleeping through the night wasn't a one time thing. one thing i hate about baby moniters is that i feel like i am going to hear a scary voice through it saying "i've got your baby...." ahhh! ashton thinks i am crazy.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

you know you're a mom when....

lately i have been thinking about how much being a parent changes your life. here are some things i have been thinking....


-you suddenly become the best singer in the world and can insert your baby's name into any song.

-you can sleep with one eye open.

-you go into your favorite store (target) skip your formally favorite adult clothes and accessories section and go straight to the baby section.

-you get excited to see poop because you know everything is working right.

-you make a diaper last as long as possible because you have calculated that they each cost about... 0.30$

-you have to wake up about 3 hours earlier than you need to be somewhere. suddenly 9 am church is not your favorite church time anymore.

-you are a professional booger getter outer

-anytime you are in a public place and someone walks by your baby and coughs you give them a crusty and cover your baby's face with a blanket (maybe this is just me?)

-at first you check your baby to see if they are breathing every 15 minutes, then after about a month you get tired and get over it

-you get excited about opening a new pack of binkies because you get sick of the old colors

-doing your baby's laundry is fun

-you get excited about the smallest things, like watching your baby reach for a toy for the first time.

-seeing your baby smile can make you smile no matter how mad you are.

-you will do ridiculous things to see that little smile, maybe even act like a monkey?

-you don't like to leave the house because it's too much effort.

-you have to schedule an "appointment" to be able to have sex with your spouse... (sorry maybe too much info???) hah

-you buy your baby lots of christmas presents, wrap them, and put them under the tree even though they are too young to even open them or care.

-your baby wants to eat whenever you are eating.

-you never knew you could care so much about one little person. when they are sad you are sad, when they are happy you are happy, when they are sick you would trade them places in a second!!!

-you get SOO EXCITED when you hear about other pregnant girls because you think of all the fun stuff they are about to experience.

-you blogstalk other people that have a baby around the same age as you

-you think you want time away from your baby, but while you're gone you call every fifteen minutes to check on them.

-you try to recruit all your friends and family member to reproduce too. c'mon your just trying to find playmates for your baby!

-suddenly your cats that you "thought" were your "babies" get neglected. poor kitties.

-fart sounds are funny.

-you no longer wear your lotion, baby lotion is your new favorite scent!

-you spend an extra 10 minutes on the toilet reading because that might be the only time alone you get all day.

-everyone else's baby's poo and spit up is disgusting. but your baby's is not.

-spit up becomes your new everyday accessory.

-you can tell the difference between your baby's cries. they have a fake one, hungry one, tired one, bored one, and mad one.

-you already forgot how bad contractions hurt.

-you can change a diaper in complete darkness

p.s. don't forget to add your email to the post below, going private!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


so i am thinking about going private so the entire world cannot spy on my little sophie :) please leave your email if you want to me to add you! thanks!