Thursday, September 4, 2008

San Diego Baby!

going under coronado bridge
san diego bay

playing at the beach

look at the glitter in the sand! hence the name silver strand beach

me in the pool- loved this pool

this is how much ashton likes to shop!

driving the electric boat

way pretty hike to the beach

the pretty san diego temple

at "the landing"

view from our room

So Ashton and I have been slackers when it comes to going to California. Since we've met we usually go about twice a year. We finally got to go down with our friends Darin and Robin and their cute kids. We stayed at Darin's grandma's house in Coronado that happened to be right like IN the water of the bay, with an amazing view. Ashton and I slept in the coolest room. The whole outside wall was glass and would slide open. For five nights we slept with it open and felt the cool ocean breeze all night. It was amazing! While we were there we went to a water park, the beach (an interesting beach- that is all i will say) a yacht ride around San Diego Bay (my favorite part). We mostly just spent time at the house. That was a vacation all in itself! It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back!