Saturday, October 31, 2009


ashton this might have been your costume, but i think it's a super hot look for you! ;)

can you tell that doonie is supposed to be my dad??

so i love halloween! it is the best holiday next to christmas! the day that you can dress however you want and no one can say anything!! here are our halloween pictures

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


today i am frustrated. i finally made up my mind about going to pa school, and nothing seems to be working out. first, the school i was going to apply to added a class like one month ago to their list of prerequisites, which i don't have. they said that people who have already taken this class will be interviewed and considered first, and then if there are any spots left they will interview people like me. any spots left?? are you serious?? last year like 1,200 people applied to that school and they only accept fifty. i don't think there are going to be any spots left. second, it says that the deadline to apply isn't until march, but apparantley it's just first come first serve. they are already doing interviews for the school, and my application isn't even sent in to CASPA yet and after they get it it can take up to five weeks to send it to my school. i also have to have a letter of recommendation for a doctor i have been working or shadowing for, and i've only been doing that for 2 weeks, none of them know me well enough to give me one, and i thought i had until march to get that. well, it looks like i probably won't get accepted this year, which makes me sad :(:( i don't know if i'll still be able to go next year. my family is priority now, and so i don't know if i'll be able to go. i should have made up my mind five years ago that that's what i wanted to be and maybe i would have done things different. oh well. at least sophie always knows how to smile at me or make a funny sound whenever i am grouchy! thanks soph :)

Friday, October 23, 2009









i am quite proud of these pictures. i took them myself, i made the tutu and the bow... not to mention the baby too! i love these pictures so much! vote on which one i should blow up big!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

dad/grandpa's birthday party!

my dad turned fifty today! what a good grandpa and dad he is! here are some pictures from his birthday party

Thursday, October 8, 2009

my baby is one month old today!

What a crazy month it's been! I cannot believe that Sophie is one month old today! She is getting so big and chunky, and I love it! I am finally getting used to being a mommy. It seems like I have known Sophie forever, and I don't know what we ever did without her! Here is a quote from a book my cousin gave me that I like...

"When I first found out I was pregnant I was over the moon with excitement. Imagine this tiny little person with no previous thoughts or dreams- someone who I could teach about life, love, and the world. By week two after birth, however, I realized that I was not the teacher. Instead this tiny person was teaching me! Everyday I was learning something new about the selfless part of life- the place where your own needs come second or third; the place where sleep is something you do between feedings. How selfish we were with our time! I would never go back to being "just me." I love being a mom and the daily challenge it brings to not only teach our little princess, but also be taught be her. Enjoy every minute!"

Sure we have a lot of sleepless nights, poopy diapers, and spit ups but it's all totally worth it! I could sit and stare at her all day while she is sleeping. Anyway, here are some things about Sophie this month...

-when she's awake she'd rather lay on the ground on look around then be held
-we drag her everywhere with us! but we gotta get her used to going places!
-she took her first bottle from ashton like a pro! now maybe we'll dare to leave her with a babysitter!
-she gags on her binky
-she is so strong and can hold up her own head most of the time.
-she grunts and squeaks all night long... i can sleep through it, but Ashton can't
-she sleeps most of the day. but when she's awake she's really alert!
-she's going bald!
-she loves music and listening to her daddy sing and play the guitar
Love you Sophie!!! We couldn't ask for a better baby!

P.S. I finally filled out my application for PA school! Looks like I am SERIOUS this time! I hope I can get an interview!!!