Sunday, April 18, 2010

**SIIGHHH** that's my big sigh of relief

so ashton finally got on full time at the city! the pay is not amazing BUT what i am excited about if the benefits- health insurance for our family! i hate when i place says the "give" you benefits, and then take outrageous amounts of money out of your paycheck to "give" them to you! we have had an experience like this before, but with st george city they actually give them to you :) we are not rich by any means haha but i am just happy that he is working full time, we can stop buying our own health insurance, ashton's building a retirement, and i am bringing in some part time! let's move on with our lives, get off government assistance and give me my pride back!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo for this job.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

7 months

-finally sits up on her own... most of the time

-as i always say, waves bye bye, but now she actually knows what it means

-moved up to stage 2 foods

-does a wiggle dance. if you say wiggle wiggle she'll do it, or right when she hears music she'll do it. she even does it in her sleep sometimes :)

-her bottom 2 teeth poked through

-size 3 diapers

-9 and 12 month clothes

-i recently decided she doesn't eat very much, she eats 4-6 oz at a time.... is this ok?

-she is way smaller than other babies her age, or even smaller than babies younger than her

-always wakes up happy

-like to play with boxes of tissues and any kind of cord or string
-eats formula about once a day. ewww that is nasty stuff blah i feel bad making her eat it hahaha

-she is gonna be just like all ashton's nephews, she wants to GOOOOO all day long!! :)

-loves peek a boo still