Monday, September 28, 2009

my little sophie angel :)

so i guess i am one of those new mom's where all they can talk about is their baby! but hey that's my life now! so i have just been thinking back to the day sophie was born and i wanna write some stuff down while it's still vivid. i have always kinda wondered when a baby's spirit comes from heaven to their body. my mind has been trained to think scientifically so to me i've always thought that a baby became the baby the moment fertilization occurred because that's when everything about it is determined. and maybe it does? no one can really know. but now i might have a little different thoughts about it. when sophie was born she just had big bright eyes most of the time and she didn't really cry. she would just lay there and look around the room. it seemed to me like she knew exactly where she just came from and was actually smarter and knew more than anyone would think a brand new baby would. i think she really had just come straight from heaven. i still sometimes think she is like an intelligent spirit and remembers where she just came from and what she's doing here. she just can't communicate it because she's a baby. do you get what i mean? anyway enough with the cheesy stuff. sophie is getting big so fast! almost out of the teeny newborn clothes now. we took her to a restaurant for the first time this week, which she didn't really like. we also took her to church yesterday. she liked that. she slept through the whole thing just like her daddy! (jk) i've had a few great experiences getting barfed on, not spit up, barf. also some nice poop blowouts. i wish i took pictures! being a mommy is crazy! but i love it. it's scary to think that life will never be the same sometimes! but i think it's changed for the better! we love our little sophie angel and i wish she would stay little forever!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sophie's first week

i can't believe my little sophie is already a week old! i feel like she is getting so big already! we went to the doctor and she actually gained 10 oz. in week when usually they lose weight in the first week. she likes my milk i guess! the only thing wrong with her is that she has a little eye infection, but other than that we're doing great! she is so cute i love feeling her fuzzy little hair on my chin when i burp her. i also can't stop kissing the top of her head and he cheeks are so soft that when you touch them you almost can't feel them! i also love looking at her cute little eyes looking around when she's nursing, since that's about the only time she's awake. she also likes to peak out of one eye at us. also ashton is such a good daddy. she is already a daddy's girl. and i'm ok with that :) she loves it when ashton sings to her, she will just stare at him with huge eyes. i could not ask for a better daddy for my little girl, i love him so much :) everyone seems to think she looks like ashton. she managed to avoid the gigantic wittwer head, which i am greatful for, that would have not been fun to push out. but i PERSONALLY think she has my eyes and nose and ashton's mouth.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

she's here!!!!!

cute little sophie arrived at 5:51 tuesday morning! here is a short version of the story.... i went into labor on labor day woo hoo! we were at ashton's brother's house watching a movie when i thought it felt interesting down there so i went to the bathroom and my pants were a little bit wet, but i wasn't too worried about it. nothing hurt or anything. then we went home and water kept coming out, but just a little bit at a time. ashton said WE ARE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL TO GET CHECKED. so i wasn't in any hurry, i farted around a bit, packed a bag, and even tidied up the house! we got to the hospital at about 11 pm and sure enough my water had broke! wow! i wasn't even having strong contractions or anything! they had to start pitocin at midnight to induce me and by about three am i was ready for my epidural! ouch! they say labor hurts, but i wasn't expecting that! let me say if you don't get an epidural you are either really amazing or crazy. by three am i was dilated to six, but my epidural was not working. i thought i was going to die. the anexthesiologist wouldn't up my dosage because he said i was too little. so i just kept pushing the button for more on my own. my epidural did not fully kick in for two hours! about 4 am the nurse checked my cervix and i was dilated to a ten! she could not believe it. i went from 3 cm to ten in two hours! but (i am probably the only laboring girl that would say this) i was not happy to hear i was at a ten i wasn't ready to push yet! so they had me push for about an hour to try to get the head down low enough then they made me stop pushing until the doctor got there. when she got there it was only two pushes and she was out! let me tell you, feeling a baby slop out of your belly is THE WIERDEST sensation in the world. one second my belly was full and the next it was empty. i did not feel any pain though. after she was out i was so wrapped up in her that i failed to look down and notice the doctor had been giving me stitches for about 20 min. yup i ripped all the way through and i'm feeling it now! i guess the rate "rippage" on a scale from one to four and i was a three so it was pretty bad. anyways as you mothers know giving birth is a crazy amazing experience and it all still feels like a dream. i can't even believe this baby is mine. i have only slept for a total of about five hours since tuesday and i am so tired. but it's worth it!

Monday, September 7, 2009

even more maternity pictures!

our friend nissa from hot shot images took some more maternity pictures for us in her studio. here they are! her website is p.s. my induction date is scheduled for the 18 if sophie decides to be so stubborn. 11 more days at the most!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

why am i still pregnant!!!?

nobody thought i would go to my due date. including my doctor!!! she also was hoping that my baby would be between 6 and 7 pounds cuz i am so little. when i went in today she said my belly was measuring above average and now the baby is probably 7.5 lbs. and could be 8 by next week!!! ahhhhhhhh. that sounds so painful. but she is not worried or anything so i am not either. she scheduled my induction date for the 18 if i don't do it myself before then. kill me if i go that long!! my baby will be TEN pounds by then! haha anyways. i am just going to use all the old wive's tales to get it going myself! wish me luck.

oh and p.s. if you watch the movie post-grad that is the story of my life! makes me feel better that other people go through it too! :)