Thursday, April 30, 2009


hand waving to mommy and daddy


4D profile

nose and lips

her little bum. it's a girl!

here are some pictures of my cute girl. does anyone else find that ultrasound pictures look somewhat creepy???

Monday, April 27, 2009

big news

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!! i seriously could not be more shocked. I just "knew" it was a boy! that's how i pictured it the entire time!!! don't get me wrong i'm not disappointed in any way, i just have to change how i pictured everything. i saw her today on the ultrasound she is so cute. i think she will look just like her mommy. this will be the first grandaughter out of 6 on the dodge side, and girls are scarce on the wittwer side too so this is very exciting. i am so excited to go buy cute girl clothes and make flower bows for her. SO SO SO HAPPY is how i feel. the end

Thursday, April 23, 2009


yay i am halfway done! i officially reached 20 weeks today. now i can be on the downhill! although the "uphill" has seemed to take forever! and ps this belly literally appeared overnight!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

this is getting REALLY old!

ok. so as a lot of you know, i apparantly look like i'm 15. i'm almost 23. LITERALLY at least once a day i have someone ask how old i am and when i tell them they laugh and say i thought you were about 15! do people not realize that that is rude? that would be like me telling someone they are fat. sometimes there are things you just don't say. what's even worse is when people just innocently assume that you are 15. like today at the dentist (i had to get a pyogenic granuloma/pregnancy tumor lazered and cauterized from my gums which SUCKED) the receptionist hands ashton a parental guardian form to sign for me. ummm no this is my husband not my dad and i'm 22 i can sign it myself thanks. also trying to play any "games" in vegas is out of the question. i once had a guy look and my ID and then take it to his manager to make sure it wasn't fake. in the end he wouldn't even let me play the game. i am not sure what i can do to fix this. i have tried a darker hair color, shorter hair, and more makeup. nothing works. my next move is to get rid of all my teenage hollister and aeropostal shirts and wear only "grown up clothes" so i guess what this blog is all about it any advice on what to do to make myself look older. and please don't say i should be greatful to look young or someday i will appreciate it :) i have heard those all before. wow this blog looks like the rantings of a grouchy pregnant lady! right on