Friday, July 9, 2010

10 months

holy moly. 10 months for real? wow. i love this little girl so much. i was just looking at her today thinking i never would have guessed that the little baby squirming in my belly would be so cute! we love her so much and we love watching her grow everyday.

-still doing the army crawl, but can move at turbo speed.

-getting her top two teeth. not fun

-likes to eat "big girl" food. (human food)

-pulls herself up to standing position on EVERYTHING, makes mommy nervous

-looooooooooves little kids, and her cousins especially

-is a people watcher like mommy

- does a princess wave

-claps her hands while watching Ellen

-loves water and swimming

-we had to lower her crib to the lowest position :(

-put her in a big girl car seat and she loved it! needless to say, mommy will not miss lugging the baby car seat around

-loves to sing and squeal

-loves reading books

-loves to pull items out of containers or dressers and throw the over her shoulder. yup our house is a mess, much to my dismay.

-loves to play with the springy door stopper things.

-loves toys that aren't toys aka pieces of paper, candy rappers, beaded jewelry, you know, all the stuff that babies aren't supposed to play with

-loves to laugh and has the cutest personality!!!