Friday, May 14, 2010

Ashton - 30 years

Since Sophie gets a post every month on her birthday, Ashton gets a post for his, even if it is a few days late. Happy Birthday old man. Here are a few things about Ashton at 30 years.
-Even though he's 30, he's still a little kid, and that's why I love him!
-You can fix any of his problems with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup- seriously.
-He is on a "diet"
-He looks at dirt bikes on the internet every night. He already has one, but it's not his dream bike. Someday Ashton!
-He loves Sophie :) He also loves Sophie to be clean and tidy. His baby is not allowed to be running around with a dirty face!
-He is a good singer, he just won't let anyone hear him sing, not even me. I have to sneak up on him :)
-He has been practicing the guitar, and he's getting good!
-Recently bought a ukelele and is great at that too.
-He's the best daddy in the world. (and so is my dad!)
-He's the best husband in the world.
-No matter how bad my day is he can always cheer me up!
-The only thing that can ever make him mad is when I'm mad.
-He becomes bff's with everyone he meets.
-He thinks that every old lady in the world and every teenage girl working at fast food restaurants has a crush on him. Oh please Ashton, get real.
-In this partnership he is the one with the common sense, and I am the one with the brains. Or in other words, I have no common sense so without him I would never survive. But still, I am just a little bit smarter than him! hahahaha
-I love my husband. He is gettin hotter every year! He will be smokin at 40.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

8 months

So I haven't gotten the time to take 8 month Sophie pictures yet, but I wanted to do an 8 month post before too much time goes by. Pictures to come...
-between the 7 and 8 month has been by far the greatest development. She is like her own little person now with her own personality and it's sooo fun, I just love it.
-weighs only about 15 lbs. her height and weight are below average, but lo and behold the Wittwer head is bustin through in the 75th percentile
-still no hair
-100% on formula now :(
-not quite crawling yet, but can get wherever she wants to go other ways...
-has a tiny tiny attitude. I hope it stays tiny.
-loves baths and anything that involves water
-loves music and dancing
-does an "o" face and makes fart noises with her lips
-size 3 diaper
-9-12 month clothes
-loves being outside
-loves grandma grandpa granny and papa A LOT
-eats sweat potatoes, chicken, peas, carrots, pears, peaches, and baby cheetos and baby cereal things
-likes to play and laughs a lot
-but has a serious face most of the time
-it just keeps getting more and more fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Children's Place

Let me just say how much I love LOVE this store!!!! But, the trick is to go in and buy their stuff from the last season on sale for the NEXT year. I just went in and got the cutest pink and green church dress for 5$ for Sophie for next spring, a cute black and white outfit of a 3 quarter length sweater and capris for 6$. I even almost went as far as to buy the CUTEST green and purple sweater vest and plaid button up shirt underneath (9$ for both) for whenever I have a boy! But I didn't because that would be going a little too far hahaha. Well let's just say I love going in there and buying off the $1.99 rack, and then scouting out the rest of the store to see what I want to buy off the $1.99 rack since it all ends up there eventually! If you have kids you must go to this store. ok bye.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This post might be a little TMI or maybe even IDC (I don't care) but I'm sharing anyway. I'm sad/happy to say that I am done nursing. I have had mixed feelings about this for about a month. It would totally work out if Sophie would cooperate. If she would eat in the morning right before I go to work, and then right when I get home, and then right before bed, but babies don't follow mommy's schedules do they! As of right now, Sophie will not even nurse at all- ever. She has Daddy's energy, and there are too many other things she'd rather be doing than nursing, she takes her bottle just fine though. So I decided that rather than spending hours a day pumping, I'd rather be able to play with my Soph. So I'm done! Here are a few things I will miss about nursing... -just being able to grab her out of her crib in the morning, stick her in bed with us, and fall back to sleep while she eats, free food, having boobies :), being able to eat a million calories a day because hey, I'm eating for 2!, NOT having a period, knowing that if there were some kind of natural disaster or something Sophie will have all the food she needs. Some things I will NOT miss- my stupid pump! I want to burn it! I hate washing it out everytime even more! Buying nursing pads, wearing nursing pads, nursing bras, nursing garments, not fitting into my shirts, having to time when Sophie eats so I will not have to do it in public, it will be so amazing to just be able to make a bottle and feed her in the middle of any store! Or at anyone's house! Ok that's enough. I am so sad to be done nursing, but it's also a huge relief. My goal was 6 months and I made it 8. All and all I am satisfied. I love my Sophie!!!!!
p.s. formula is soooo gross, it smells like barf!!!!!!!! my poor baby