Saturday, September 18, 2010

My baby is 1!!!

Sophie's first birthday was soo fun! We had a party at the splash pad with family and friends. Unfortunatly it was soooo windy!! I HATE wind more than anything! It kinda put a damper on things, but it was still a good day! She got soo many fun toys and cute clothes. Here is the list of things at 1. And probably the last list I will make for a long time! Who has time to post blogs anyway, my life is nuts!

-can walk if someone holds her hands

-hello where is her hair????

-eats big people food now, loves toast, string cheese, lucky charms, and veggie stick chip things

-says mama and kitty kitty

-blows kisses, still has a great princess wave.

-loves doggies

-loves reading
-loves balls

-hates headbands

-18 lbs, size 3 diapers, 18 month clothes

-getting her molars. yikes!

-loves to play play play

-this just keeps getting better and better!!! love you soph

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The Calico Crew said...

I was just wondering if she got anything for her b-day...or wait...she got SPOILED!! It's so fun when they turn one because you get to see all the changing they have done in a year.