Friday, January 7, 2011

a new post!

i don't even have a title for this post. so much has been going on in our crazy lives. we finally got into our new house and we are LOVING it. ashton doesn't love the fact that it's a townhouse, but i do! i actually feel safer knowing that there are two nice families on both sides of us that i could run to if i ever need anything! i also love our ward. someday i'll get around to posting pictures of our little housy. in other news, i finally got off my butt and i'm going back to school at night to get my secondary ed license. i can't wait to share my love of science with the world! it'll be a slow process since i'm only taking one class at a time, but i am just enjoying my part time job now until sophie is in kindergarten, then we'll have the same schedule yay! thanksgiving and christmas was awesome as always. for christmas santa made the mistake of getting sophie a dvd with all the wiggles songs on it. needless to say i'm quite wiggled out since that is ALL she wants to watch. it is cute watching her shake her booty to fruit salad yummy yummy though :) well that's about all i have to share today. hopefully i can become a better blogger.

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